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For Application Developers

Event-driven microservice development

Source, parse, cleanse, filter, enrich, anonymize, and route event data to the right microservices with millisecond latency and concrete delivery guarantees. Learn more ->

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For ML/AI Engineers

Real-time ML/AI pipelines

Parse, cleanse, and extract features from messy data. Whether you're building a feature store, performing online training or evaluation, or integrating with an MLOps system, Decodable makes it work. Learn more ->

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For Data Engineers and Platform Teams

Data mesh deployment

Create a self-service data mesh between teams building and consuming data products in larger organizations. Teams can "serve" their data as streams in Decodable, making them available to any consumers within the organization. Consumers can apply their own transformations and processing without impacting others. Learn more ->

Real-time data integration

Quickly pump data into a bunch of different systems - the data warehouse, data lake, operational and analytical database systems, or specialized services. Use Decodable to filter, route, cleanse, and aggregate data and feed these systems in parallel. Learn more ->

For Everyone

Data governance and regulatory compliance

Use Decodable to remove or mask sensitive PII and PHI data prior to it leaving a region or crossing team boundaries. Create anonymized streams for marketing, ML/AI, and business analytics to avoid complex regulatory issues, data breaches, and theft. Learn more ->

“Companies are drowning in the complexity of streaming data, and Decodable is helping tame the operational complexity of stream processing. Together with Decodable, Redpanda's streaming data platform removes the obstacles to rapid results, helping developers and data engineers fast-track their ideas into production, and realize business value quickly and cost-effectively” 

Alex Gallego
Redpanda, Founder & CEO

"Customer-facing analytics is becoming the norm for the most successful brands. They rely on StarTree Cloud to deliver individual insights to their millions of customers with sub-second response times, and Decodable's transformation pipelines ensure they're always based on the freshest data available."

Kishore Gopalakrishna
StarTree, Co-Founder & CEO
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Where does Decodable fit in your world?

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Process data between Kafka topics to curate data for other teams. Transform formats, route, cleanse, mask, filter, and aggregate data for different services.

Directly connect streaming data into Snowflake - lowering data latency and reducing ingestion costs. The Decodable connector is pre-integrated with the Snowflake Snowpipe Streaming API to make connections quick and simple.

Unify batch and streaming pipeline management. The open source dbt-Decodable adapter makes it possible to manage streaming and batch transformation in a single workflow through the dbt interface.

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Connect Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform to applications and services without replatforming. Enable ML/AI engineers, frontend developers, and data engineers to easily work with operational streaming data.

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Format and denormalize complex event data for applications that are already powered by operational databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis and more. Build real-time analytics and product features directly into applications.

Connect, build and manage SQL pipelines that transform and enrich incoming real-time data from any source. Ingest streaming event data into Apache Pinot real-time tables enabling always-up-to-date customer-facing analytics, at any scale.

Easily create fast, high volume streams, without data loss, and build a unified source of truth. Parse, transform, enrich and filter source topics to drive user behavior, fraud detection, AI feature store, and other real-time scenarios.

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