Become A Decoder


noun: a person who simplifies the complex, gets stuff done, and has fun doing it.

Benefits of being a Decoder


We’re constantly growing (just like you). That means there’s tons of opportunity to take on new responsibilities, pick up new skills and experience, or get the first crack at new roles.


We care about building great products and making customers successful, not how much time you spend in front of your laptop. Need to pick up the kids or take your car to the shop? No problem.

A Supportive Team

We genuinely value the success, growth, happiness, and wellbeing of one another. Whether you need some help on a project, someone to remind you to take a break, or want to learn from someone else, we’ve got your back.


You’ll always get a straight answer to your questions. Want to know why we’re doing something, or what the finances looked like last month? Just ask! Have ideas about what we can do better? Tell us!

(Actual) Time Off

We believe you’re at your best when you’re rested and healthy. We have an unlimited time off policy with a minimum we ask you to take.

And more

Competitive pay, equity, 100% of healthcare cost coverage for employees, regular feedback and compensation review, and more!