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All you need is SQL, we take care of the rest.

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Decodable is a serverless real-time data platform.

No clusters to set up, and no code to write. No PhD required.


Build pipelines super fast. In minutes, not days or weeks.

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Use the SQL you already know. No complex infrastructure to manage.

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No proprietary formats. Works with your existing data infrastructure.


Self-service data for developers

Our mission is to put you in a position to control your destiny and success. Producers of data can serve data directly to the consumer with no intermediary and data consumers can tailor the data to their needs without any back and forth.


Connect to messaging systems, object stores, operational and analytical databases, ML/AI pipelines, and event-driven microservices.

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Build pipelines in SQL. Parse, filter, route, anonymize, or otherwise slice and dice your data, and get it to where it needs to be!

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Get the data you need, in the right format. Make schema changes, and rollback pipelines when things don't go quite the way you expected.

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The Future Of Real-Time Data Engineering

Decodable makes the infrastructure effectively disappear and delivers a serverless data engineering process.

Application developers, data engineers, and data scientists can now build and deploy a production pipeline in minutes, just as they do with batch data pipelines.

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