StarTree Overview

StarTree Cloud provides managed hosting for Apache Pinot on all major cloud platforms, including AWS, GCP and Azure. StarTree Cloud enables developers to provision Apache Pinot clusters of different sizes, ingest data from real-time and batch data sources, and run analytics workloads with ultra-low latency. Meanwhile, StarTree manages the underlying infrastructure for you, allowing you to have timely insights from a diverse set of data and make informed business decisions. StarTree Cloud consists of tools that give you a better developer experience, including StarTree Dataset Manager (for data ingestion) and StarTree ThirdEye (for Anomaly Detection).

Decodable + StarTree

Decodable provides a low-latency transport and transformation for ingesting data in a way that's matched to Apache Pinot and StarTree's real-time analytics. After all, there's no point running real-time queries on stale data! For an example using Decodable to ingest IoT data to StarTree/Pinot using Decodable for ingestion please check out the blog and accompanying demo of Decodable cleansing security logs before sending to Apache Pinot

Let's Get Decoding

Decodable is free to try. Register for access and see how easy it is.