Data Warehouse

Rockset Overview

Rockset is a real-time analytics database which enables queries on massive, semi-structured data without operational burden. Rockset is serverless and fully managed. It offloads the work of managing configuration, cluster provisioning, denormalization, and shard/index management. Rockset is also SOC 2 Type II compliant and offers encryption at rest and in flight, securing and protecting any sensitive data. Rockset is compute-optimized, making it suitable for serving high-concurrency applications in the sub-100 terabyte range (or larger with roll-ups, e.g., 100s of TBs). It’s not a data warehouse and is not suitable for occasional queries on a PB-scale dataset.

Decodable + Rockset

Decodable provides a low-latency transport and transformation for ingesting data in a way that's matched to Rockset's real-time analytics. After all, there's no point running real-time queries on stale data! For an example using Decodable to ingest IoT data to Rockset using Decodable for ingestion please check out the blog and accompanying demo

Let's Get Decoding

Decodable is free to try. Register for access and see how easy it is.