REST Overview

One of the most customizable ways to stream data into a Decodable pipeline is via the REST connector. REST (Representational State Transfer) refers to a group of software architecture design constraints that bring about efficient, reliable and scalable distributed systems. A system is called RESTful when it adheres to those constraints. The basic idea of REST is that a resource, e.g. a document, event, or record, is transferred with its state and relationships via well-defined, standardized operations and formats.

Decodable + REST

The REST connector provides a universal API endpoint for sending JSON data to a Decodable pipeline for processing and sending to one or more sinks such as S3, Kafka or a range of analytical databases and ML feature stores. For more information on how to use the REST connector, check out the documentation and watch the following demo video which utilizes the REST source connector invoked through POSTMAN, and also shows how Decodable pipelines can be created through API calls.

Let's Get Decoding

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