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Confluent Cloud Overview

Confluent Cloud is a resilient, scalable streaming data service based on Apache Kafka®, delivered as a fully managed service. Confluent’s elastic scalability and virtually infinite storage simplifies real-time data movement across public and private clouds. Confluent provides out-of-the-box connectors to the most popular data sources/sinks in the Kafka ecosystem, SQL-based stream processing, a governance suite for streaming data, and more—all fully managed in the same cloud UI.

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Decodable + Confluent Cloud

Decodable regards Confluent Cloud as both a source which can send a stream of data, and a sink which can receive one or more streams of data from a pipeline. You could use Decodable to take data from Confluent and send to an analytical database or machine learning model, or even send back to another Confluent topic after transformation. With Confluent as a sink, Decodable can take a stream of data from a messaging system such as Kinesis, a REST API or even a standard database like MySQL or Postgres running in CDC (change data capture) mode. Transforming data between Confluent topics can be the basis for building sophisticated event-driven microservice applications without writing a single line of code. Decodable's integration with Confluent Cloud includes advanced capabilities to expedite setting up connections and synchronizing schemas.

In the following video you'll see how to use Decodable to take airline flight data from Confluent Cloud, transform it and then send back to Confluent Cloud.

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