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InfluxDB Overview

InfluxDB is an open source time series database developed by InfluxData. InfluxDB is similar to a SQL database, but different in many ways. InfluxDB is purpose-built for time series data. While relational databases can handle time series data, they are not optimized for common time series workloads. InfluxDB is designed to store large volumes of time series data and quickly perform real-time analysis on that data. Optimizing for this use case entails some trade-offs, primarily to increase performance at the cost of functionality, and these include:

- Simplified conflict resolution increases write performance
- Restricting access to deletes and updates allows for increased query and write performance
- Adding data in time ascending order is significantly more performant
- Writing and querying the database can be done by multiple clients and at high loads at the cost of having a strongly consistent view
- InfluxDB is good at managing discontinuous data
- InfluxDB has very powerful tools to deal with aggregate data and large data sets

Decodable + InfluxDB

As with many of the newer specialized databases, InfluxDB operates best when low-latency data is presented for ingestion, optimized for InfluxDB. Decodable is the ideal transport and transformation pipeline to get data from where it already exists (database, messaging systems, API) in various formats into InfluxDB so it can do its job as effectively as possible.

Let's Get Decoding

Decodable is free to try. Register for access and see how easy it is.