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Imply Polaris Overview

Imply Polaris® is a real-time database for modern analytics applications, built from Apache Druid® and delivered as a fully managed database as a service (DBaaS). It provides a complete, integrated experience that simplifies everything from ingesting data to using visualizations to extracting valuable insights from your data. Imply Polaris can be used as an alternative to a self-managed Druid deployment. So, Decodable's Imply Polaris connector is the alternative to using the Druid sink connector. Unlike the Druid connector, no Kafka is necessary to work with Polaris.

Key benefits of Polaris include:

  • A fully managed cloud service. You do not have to configure and run your own Kafka data sources to ingest data to Polaris (as you would need to with Druid). Just point, click, and stream.
  • A single development experience, with push-based streaming built on Confluent Cloud.
  • Database optimization.
  • Scale in seconds.
  • Resiliency and security.

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Decodable + Imply Polaris

Decodable provides a low-latency transport and transformation for ingesting data in a way that's matched to Imply Polaris' real-time analytics. After all, there's no point running real-time queries on stale data! Imply Polaris and Apache Druid performs much more efficiently if the data it ingests is pre-processed, and Decodable is the ideal tool to perform this transformation, as described in this blog post.

The following video includes a demonstration of how to set up the Imply Polaris connector:

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