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Apache Iceberg Overview

Apache Iceberg is an open table format for huge analytic datasets. Iceberg adds tables to compute engines including Flink, Spark, Trino, PrestoDB, Hive, and Impala using a high-performance table format that works just like a SQL table. Iceberg was built for huge tables. Iceberg is used in production where a single table can contain tens of petabytes of data and even these huge tables can be read without a distributed SQL engine. Iceberg has been designed and developed to be an open community standard with a specification to ensure compatibility across languages and implementations.

Decodable + Apache Iceberg

Data engineers use Apache Iceberg because it is fast, efficient, and reliable at any scale and keeps records of how datasets change over time. Decodable is the ideal transport and transformation pipeline to get data from where it already exists (database, messaging systems, API) in various formats into Iceberg so it can do its job as effectively as possible.

Let's Get Decoding

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