November 13, 2021
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Decodable’s Public Beta Is Here!

Eric Sammer
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Decodable Beta is now open to the general public.

We invite you to create an account and start building real-time pipelines in SQL with zero infrastructure to deploy. Create any number of connections, streams, and pipelines, and process up to 500GB per day for free.

Get started now!

With Decodable:

  • Build real-time data pipelines in SQL in minutes
  • No clusters or infrastructure to deploy or manage
  • Built-in pipeline preview, validation, and deployment features
  • Works with your existing data infrastructure
  • Automatic scaling

During the private beta, we worked with a number of teams building event-driven services, real-time analytics, and real-time ingestion pipelines supporting some of the most critical workloads. The constant request was to deliver something super easy that just worked - to get rid of the complexity so they could build online applications and services their customers needed.

We are thrilled to now deliver the easiest and fastest way to:

  1. Connect to data sources and sinks
  2. Build pipelines to process data
  3. Manage and monitor your pipelines

No more complexity, no need for a PhD, it just works.

Connect any source to any destination of data

Connect any source to any destination of data - messaging systems, object stores, operational and analytical databases, ML/AI pipelines, and event-driven microservices - and route, enrich, filter, and process data between them.

Quickly build data-driven applications and services that just work.

Connect to your pre-existing Kafka (or Kafka-compatible) topics and build pipelines in SQL to parse, filter, route, anonymize, or otherwise slice and dice your data, and send it along to other Kafka topics. (We started with Kafka because of its tremendous adoption, but you’ll see us expand quickly. Similarly, the service is immediately available in select regions of AWS, but let us know where you want to see us next.)

Manage and monitor your own pipelines - without being an expert

With all of your data infrastructure and event-driven services connected by Decodable, teams can get the data they need, in the right format, to and from the systems and services they choose on their own without having to be stream processing or distributed systems experts. Decodable is a cloud service, so there’s no software to deploy or manage.

Decodable is the only system you need for data ingestion, integration, real-time analytics, and event-driven service development.

Create your account and start building today! We can’t wait to see what you do with Decodable.

Join us on Slack to meet engineers like you and chat directly with our team.

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Eric Sammer

Eric Sammer is a data analytics industry veteran who has started two companies, Rocana (acquired by Splunk in 2017), and Decodable. He is an author, engineer, and leader on a mission to help companies move and transform data to achieve new and useful business results. Eric is a speaker on topics including data engineering, ML/AI, real-time data processing, entrepreneurship, and open source. He has spoken at events including the Apache Pinot conference and Confluent Current, on podcasts with Software Engineering Daily and Sam Ramji, and has appeared in various industry publications.