One platform for ETL, ELT, and Stream Processing

Powered by Apache Flink® and Debezium, Decodable provides a fast, easy, yet powerful stream processing platform free from the pain, time, and cost of assembling the individual components.

Fast Time to Production

You get immediate access to a fully-managed stream processing platform where everyone can build a production-ready pipeline in minutes.

Easy to use

We have thought through the complexities of designing, building and operating the platform, all you need to do is build pipelines.

Powerful and Robust

With an enterprise-ready platform, built on Apache Flink and Debezium, everything you need to produce stable, compliant pipelines is built-in.

Get your data where you need it, in the way you want it, in 3 easy steps.

Connect to your Source

Use Decodable’s pre-built connectors to get data from your app databases, event streaming platforms, APIs, and more in real-time.

Process your Data

Write standard SQL to easily filter, transform, enrich, join, aggregate, mask, and more. Need to do more advanced stateful stream processing? Build your job against the Apache Flink APIs and upload a JAR file to Decodable. We’ll take care of the rest. Decodable lets you process both append-only and change data capture data.

Connect to your Sink

Send the result of any source connection or processing pipeline to any destination system. Update records in an operational database, ingest into a data warehouse or data lake, keep search indexes up-to-date;

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The Blueprint for Success with Real-time Data

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Have 15 minutes?

Here are five things you can do with Decodable right now.

Replicate databases to your data warehouse using Debezium-powered CDC

Looking to replicate tables from OLTP database systems so that they are available for analytics in your data warehouse, data lake, or OLAP databases? Reduce cost and improve latency by using Decodable’s CDC connectors to continuously load data rather than batching it up.

Quickly get time series & event-oriented data into your data warehouse or lake using Apache Flink

Need to ingest clickstream, orders, or other application events into your data warehouse, data lake, or OLAP databases? Create connections for each source system, clean up and enrich the data with a SQL or custom pipeline, then ingest into your favorite platform for analytics. You can even build your Decodable pipelines in dbt.

Transform data between Apache Kafka® topics in SQL

Have a bunch of microservices that produce or consume from Apache Kafka topics, but need different data formats, schemas, or cuts of the same data? Use Decodable to filter, route, enrich, aggregate, or otherwise slice and dice your data using standard SQL.

Create a curated stream of data for other teams

Need to create a department or company-wide shared data product so teams can build applications and services? Cleanse, normalize, and serve data that’s ready-to-use without exposing direct connectivity to source systems or sensitive data to everyone.

Run an existing Apache Flink job written in Java

Already an Apache Flink pro? Run your existing Flink job in Decodable or build a new one. All of the power of Flink on a managed platform.

Real-time Stream Processing that Works for Everyone

Apache Flink + Debezium + All the other stuff you need

The Decodable platform integrates all the technologies you need to begin processing your real-time data streams today, and keep them running tomorrow.

Flexible and Scalable

Scale up as needed to handle the most demanding workloads. Only pay for what you use.

SQL or Code

Use SQL to process data including support for joins, CTEs, and CEP. Or create more advanced processing using Apache Flink APIs.

Hosted or Your Cloud

No need to provision, configure or manage any infrastructure, we’ll host the entire system for you. Prefer to leverage your cloud? Your data can stay put and we’ll come to you.

Works Your Way

Use the Decodable UI, CLI, APIs, or even dbt to set up and run pipelines.

SOC2 Type II - GDPR Compliant

Compliant with critical regulatory requirements including SOC2 Type II and GDPR so you know your data is safe.


Integrated with your identity provider for SSO. Flexible RBAC to secure access to your data and infrastructure.


All of the power and flexibility of industry-standard open source, pre-integrated and ready to go.

Pre-Built Connector Library

Take advantage of a large library of connectors - including DBZ -based CDC connectors, to ingest data from any source, and send data to any sink with minimal configuration.

Let's Get Decoding

Decodable is free to try. Register for access and see how easy it is.