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Webinar: Real-Time Data Engineering With Decodable

Tim James

We built Decodable to let every developer and data engineer easily access real-time data in minutes, and we’ve removed the infrastructure needs so companies no longer have to be dependent on costly and large data platform teams.

Join the Decodable team on March 24th at 10am Pacific to learn more about our real-time data engineering platform, the solutions you can build with it, and how to get started. After this demo-heavy session you'll be ready to build streaming data transformations that work with your existing data infrastructure - it's fast, simple, and easy with Decodable.

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A Practical Introduction to the Data Mesh

There’s been quite a bit of talk about data meshes recently, both in terms of philosophy and technology. Unfortunately, most of the writing on the subject is thick with buzzwords, targeted toward VP and C-level executives, unparsable to engineers. The motivation behind the data mesh, however, is not only sound but practical and intuitive.

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Decodable Platform Overview

I joined Decodable about a year ago as one of the founding engineers. One year on, we’ve built a self-service real-time data platform supporting hundreds of accounts in multiple regions. In this blog post, I’ll share why we built Decodable, the design decisions we made, and the platform architecture.

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Demo Day: Fraud Detection using SQL for ML Feature Extraction

In this SQL-packed demo, see how Moonsense uses Decodable SQL tranformations in multiple pipelines to convert streaming device data into features to populate a fraud detection machine learning model.

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