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Interview: Change Data Capture With Apache Flink

Robert Metzger

In this interview, we talk about Change Data Capture with Debezium and Flink.

We are excited to have experts in this field as our guests, interviewed by Robert Metzger, Apache Flink PMC chair:

  • Gunnar Morling, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Decodable and one of the creators of the Debezium project and also a Java Champion.
  • Jark Wu leads Flink SQL and Flink CDC teams at Alibaba(Ververica). He is devoted to building a fully-managed Apache Flink service on Alibaba Cloud. Besides, he is a PMC member and Committer of the Apache Flink project. He has worked on Flink SQL for five years and created the Flink CDC project.
  • Leonard Xu is a senior software engineer at Alibaba(Ververica), currently working to build the fully-managed Apache Flink service on Alibaba Cloud. Besides, he is the core committer of Flink SQL and has been leading the Flink CDC open source project since 2021

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