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Demo Day: Confluent Cloud with Airline data

Arlo Purcell

In this week's video, Arlo Purcell shows how easy it is to connect to Confluent Cloud as both a sink and source, with auto-detection and import of a complex schema on both ends. In this demo he's transforming Airline industry standard SSIM XML data representing flight schedules.

A Practical Introduction to the Data Mesh

There’s been quite a bit of talk about data meshes recently, both in terms of philosophy and technology. Unfortunately, most of the writing on the subject is thick with buzzwords, targeted toward VP and C-level executives, unparsable to engineers. The motivation behind the data mesh, however, is not only sound but practical and intuitive.

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Announcing General Availability of the Decodable Real-Time Data Platform

Now GA, Decodable puts the power of real-time data engineering in the hands of every developer, so you can use your existing SQL skills to connect sources and sinks, to build and deploy real-time pipelines – that just work. Getting started with Decodable is free, easy and only takes a few minutes.

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Decodable’s Public Beta Is Here!

Decodable Beta is now open to the general public! We invite you to create an account and start building real-time pipelines in SQL immediately with zero infrastructure to deploy. Create any number of connections, streams, and pipelines, and process up to 500GB per day for free.

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