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Decodable Ships Additional Enterprise Readiness Features for Real-Time Data Streaming Built on Apache Flink

John Allwright

Decodable Ships Additional Enterprise Readiness Features for Real-Time Data Streaming Built on Apache Flink

New features let enterprises of all sizes deploy Decodable’s fully managed, as-a-service stream processing platform at the scale that fits their needs

SAN FRANCISCO—January 18, 2023—Decodable, the stream processing company, announced today a slate of new features in its enterprise-ready platform built on Apache Flink, the industry leading stream processing technology. The Decodable platform rounds out open source Apache Flink with capabilities that deliver security, efficiency and performance, enabling enterprise users to connect to anything, develop with speed and operate with confidence.

“The future of data is real-time, and the community has created an incredibly powerful tool in Apache Flink,” said Eric Sammer, CEO and founder of Decodable. “Problem is, deploying and operating Flink in production is complex, and it takes specialized expertise and lots of time. To build a working solution that’s suitable for enterprise production can be a long-haul commitment that most organizations are understandably reluctant to take on. Today, Decodable flips this script, offering updates to our platform that packages Flink into a fully-managed, as-a-service, pay-as-you-go stream processing platform. What’s more, these new capabilities offer a streamlined developer experience requiring only SQL skills to build transformation pipelines, greatly simplifying—and more importantly, speeding—the process. The Decodable platform is now the only offering in GA that puts stream processing within the reach of every organization for every project.”

*** Download the white paper: “Introduction to Apache Flink and Stream Processing” ***

Decodable is Flink for the Enterprise

With the features made available today the Decodable platform eliminates the toil of building and managing a stream processing platform by wrapping Flink with complementary, enterprise-friendly capabilities, including:

  • Task sizing—One of the primary drawbacks of stream processing is that it can be “resource hungry,” and many organizations deal with this by over-provisioning, which can be very costly. Decodable overcomes this by using task sizing to dynamically configure workloads to maximize performance and minimize cost.
  • Comprehensive connector library—The Decodable platform includes a large and growing library of out-of-the-box connectors to enable data ingestion from any data source, including databases with change-data capture, and egress to any data sink with minimal configuration and setup.
  • Enterprise support—The Decodable platform features pay-as-you-go pricing. Enterprise support means no version upgrades and no patch management.
  • Fully managed SaaS with serverless architecture—Decodable works with any cloud setup, giving you all the choice and flexibility you need.
  • Reliability and security—SOC2 Type II and GDPR compliant, the Decodable platform is architected for reliability and security, with safety and privacy protocols built in. The platform also includes separate control and data planes, and logs for compliance and audits.
  • Day 2 operations—The Decodable platform incorporates proactive measures to prevent the most common pipeline failures before they happen. For example, schema evolution and robust recovery and restart capabilities are built in.

Developer Experience

Decodable understands that in the real-world stream processing is a team sport, involving collaboration across many roles in the enterprise. The Decodable platform enables workflow automation and sharing across all teams who have an interest in pipelines and data products. The enterprise-ready platform is particularly attuned to optimizing the developer experience, delivering these features:

  • With Decodable, you can rapidly prototype and iterate stream processing pipelines and deploy to production via an optimized developer “inner loop” that provides an intuitive, smooth developer workflow.
  • The Decodable platform is a fully integrated platform with simple abstractions. It is equipped with REST API and scriptable CLI for automation and integration with existing GitOps tools and processes.
  • The platform offers self-service access to data products built by other teams.
  • There is no infrastructure to manage, no clusters to set up, and no code to write.
  • Decodable provides abstractions to simplify using powerful Flink jobs and Kafka topics.

Stream Processing Delivers Real-time Data to Decision Makers

Batch processing of bounded data sets is no longer sufficient in a world where businesses need to process enormous volumes of transactions in microseconds. Real-time, low-latency data is essential to drive the most engaging customer experiences and to provide a foundation for the most accurate decisions, analytics and machine learning models. That’s why Apache Flink is such a valuable tool for businesses: it is capable of processing billions of transactions per second and trillions of events per day.

This is the type of processing power needed to process unbounded streams of data from moving cars, payment processing and other financial transactions, smartphones, industrial sensors, airline check-in data, home health monitors and countless other applications that are not only life-enriching but often life-saving. Unfortunately, constructing a secure, reliable, efficient and performant production platform based on Flink is hard. Decodable’s enterprise-ready platform makes it easy for data teams to use Flink at enterprise scale, using SQL they already know well.

About Decodable

Decodable’s mission is to make stream processing so easy that every organization can successfully realize the benefits of real-time data. Decodable’s stream processing platform builds on the power of Apache Flink®, offering a fully managed service complete with a self-service developer experience, day 2 operations, a library of connectors and full enterprise integration.  The company is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Venrock. To learn more, please visit



Robert Cathey for Decodable

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Press Release: Decodable raises $20m Series A Funding

Decodable, the real-time data engineering company, today announced that it has raised more than $20 million in Series A funding led by Venrock and Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from additional investors

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