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DataStax and Decodable Partner To Help Developers Build Modern Real-Time Applications

John Allwright

DataStax and Decodable Partner to Remove the Complexity and Cost of Delivering Real-Time Applications and Data Services at Scale

New collaboration combines proven open source software -- Apache Pulsar, Apache Flink and Apache Cassandra -- in connected, fully-managed cloud services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — August 24, 2022 — DataStax, the real-time data company, and Decodable, the streaming processing platform company, today announced a new partnership to help developers build modern real-time applications and deliver data services in minutes and at dramatically lower cost.

As a result of the partnership, the two companies will connect their cloud services to deliver the benefits of three powerful open source technologies together: Apache Pulsar™, Apache Flink™ and Apache Cassandra™. The joint solution will be offered as fully-managed services available on any cloud through DataStax’s Cassandra-based Astra DB, Pulsar-based Astra Streaming, and Decodable’s SQL-based stream processing platform powered by Apache Flink.

The services are connected through APIs, and enable developers to easily build a complete, end-to-end, real-time data analytics pipeline and applications in minutes.

“Real-time applications and data services are today’s competitive powerhouse, and many companies are seeking a robust, yet simple solution that enables them to access and use the data required to power these applications. The connected Decodable and DataStax SaaS offerings will eliminate the cost and complexity barriers standing in the way of our customers building game-changing applications that meet the needs of their end-users” said Eric Sammer, CEO, Decodable.

Decodable seamlessly unleashes data trapped in disparate systems so it can be ingested into Astra DB and Astra Streaming in real-time without the need to manage and scale underlying infrastructure. The combination of Decodable’s open source, stream processing capabilities connected to DataStax’s open stack for real-time applications enables developer and data engineering teams to:

  • Connect to operational, analytic and streaming systems in minutes using Decodable and Astra Streaming.
  • Process streaming data using Decodable’s SQL pipelines.
  • Deliver data from DataStax’s multi-cloud DBaaS, Astra DB, and advanced unified event streaming service, Astra Streaming, to power modern real-time applications and machine learning.

“There is an entire class of applications and services that might never see the light of day due to cost and complexity barriers. We are joining forces with Decodable to democratize data so any developer can easily build and scale superior experiences such as real-time logistics, in-the-moment personalized product recommendations and immediate fraud notifications,” said Ed Anuff, chief product officer at DataStax.

The connectivity provided by DataStax and Decodable provides customers with significant business benefits including the ability to:

  • Innovate faster for rapid growth. Quickly deliver new capabilities, streaming data services and new real-time applications. According to new research in The State of the Data Race 2022 report, 71% of respondents agree that they can tie revenue growth directly to real-time data.
  • Empower developers to build differentiated customer experiences. DataStax together with Decodable offers a fully-managed cloud solution so developers can focus on delivering business value, not managing infrastructure. According to new research, 86% of corporate developers surveyed who prioritize real-time data say “technology is more exciting than ever.”
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and risk with a solution that offers unparalleled scalability and availability, zero infrastructure to manage and pay-as-you-grow pricing.


About Decodable

Decodable’s mission is to make streaming data engineering easy. Decodable delivers the first real-time data engineering service — that anyone can run. As a platform for real-time data ingestion, integration, analysis, and event-driven service development, Decodable eliminates the need for a large data team, clusters to set up, or complex code to write. The company is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Venrock. To learn more, visit

About DataStax

DataStax is the real-time data company. With DataStax, any enterprise can mobilize real-time data and quickly build the smart, highly scalable applications required to be a data-driven business. With Astra DB and Astra Streaming, DataStax uniquely delivers the power of Apache Cassandra™—the world’s most scalable database—with the advanced Apache Pulsar™ streaming technology in an open data stack, available on any cloud. Hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises, including Verizon, Audi, ESL Gaming, and many more rely on DataStax to unleash the power of real-time data to create the in-the-moment digital experiences that can win new markets and change industries. Learn more at

Routing OSQuery Events via Apache Pulsar

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Demo Day: Connecting Apache Pulsar to Amazon Kinesis

This video shows off the new Decodable Pulsar connector as both a source and sink, followed by the usual Q&A with the team.

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Announcing General Availability of the Decodable Real-Time Data Platform

Now GA, Decodable puts the power of real-time data engineering in the hands of every developer, so you can use your existing SQL skills to connect sources and sinks, to build and deploy real-time pipelines – that just work. Getting started with Decodable is free, easy and only takes a few minutes.

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Recorded from the Demo Day on March 10th 2022, Decodable CEO Eric Sammer demonstrates the capabilities of the real-time data engineering platform through the new user experience.

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Press Release: Decodable raises $20m Series A Funding

Decodable, the real-time data engineering company, today announced that it has raised more than $20 million in Series A funding led by Venrock and Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from additional investors

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In event-driven architecture, functions can be used to replace backend microservices. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to use Decodable as a serverless function written in SQL performing stateful transformations, replacing unnecessary microservices in your application. "That microservice could have been a SQL statement" made real, with Decodable.

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ETL and ELT are traditionally scheduled batch operations, but as the need for always-on, always-current data services becomes the norm, realtime ELT operating on streams of data is the goal of many organizations - if not the reality, yet.In real world usage, the ‘T’ in ETL represents a wide range of patterns assembled from primitive operations. In this blog we’ll explore these operations and see examples of how they’re implemented as SQL statements.

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